Dennis Electric Healthy Living Initiative


With the end of winter approaching it is a great time to begin developing positive and healthy habits that will ultimately lead to weight loss and an overall sense of well being.

Here are some quotes from your co-workers explaining why it is important to them that you stay healthy and encourage them to be healthy as well.


I’d like to live until I am old, for my wife and children… It’s important that my co-workers don’t frequently miss work… so we can maintain a level of quality work and get jobs done more efficiently and effectively.”


“Health and nutrition are some things I have always taken for granted and as I’ve grown older I have come to realize their importance... I don’t want my employees to take it for granted as I did, especially while I still consider them young… that is why I feel this healthy living initiative is important to Dennis Electric.”


 “When you work closely with someone over an extended period of time, you grow to care for those people…my coworkers are my friends and my family and it’s important to me that that are healthy.”


“…because it is good for our overall well being.”


“I want to live until I’m 80 and not be fat.”


“…So I don’t have to do everything if they get sick or fatigued”


“I’d like to be healthier and feel better so I can be more productive.  I want my coworkers to be healthy and happy.”


“When I think of health, I think of Cal Ripken.  I want to be as dependable as the Iron Man and have his same longevity”


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